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Updated   August 25, 2015


Print the Petition to Ban

personal use/Consumer Fireworks in Juneau


Click Here



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Grateful Dogs adopts Resolution Requesting the CBJ Assembly to Ban Consumer Fireworks


Read Resolution Here



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Up to 20% of pooches are sensitive enough to need professional help.....

_Click here: The sound of  fear: Noise phobias torment dogs.


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Fireworks are beautiful, but they are deafening to humans and absolutely traumatizing to many dogs (and cats).

If you have a fearful dog (or cat), especially sensitive to sounds, sure to do the following:

1. Make sure your dog is secure and can not escape or run loose should he/she get spooked. An infinite # of dogs disappear each year due to open doors, windows and gates, even tie downs (which are generally cruel during firework season).  Many dogs bolt and in their frenzy run and run and run.

2. If you have medication to calm your dog, be sure and give it ample time to kick in.

3. If possible, do not leave your dog alone.

4. Be sure and have back ground music or white noise to help deflect the intensity of the booms of the fireworks.

5. Give your dog access to a basement or even a big closet or stall shower where they may feel safest.

6. Cover his or her crate if they prefer to go into their crate during storms or fireworks.

7. Try going for a drive with your dog if you know there is going to be fireworks in your neighborhood. Often, dogs who love car rides look forward to this and are not as jolted by the noise. Be sure and have your radio on!

8. COMFORT YOUR DOG!  If your dog is worried and unsettled, IT IS OK to comfort your dog. You will NOT be rewarding an undesirable behavior. YOU WILL BE SOOTHING his emotional response and supplying oodles of sense of security.

9. If you have a
Thundershirt or Anxiety wrap or even a teeny tee shirt, put it on your dog.

10. Have a drink or what ever relaxes YOU and bite the bullet.  If you are calm, it will help your dog tremendously.  Try your hardest to jolly up your dog and engage him/her in an activity that they usually go
ga ga over.  Have DYNAMITE (no pun intended) treats on hand.



The Fourth of July is a time for celebration and fireworks.  The Fourth of July with its loud noises and explosions can be very stressful for dogs.  








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 Information on banning personal use fireworks in Juneau.  Click here.

Print the petition to ban consumer fireworks in Juneau.  Click here.



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