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   November 09, 2015

Welcome to the

Grateful Dogs of Juneau


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Sharing Juneau's Trails

Trapping, Dogs, & Outdoor Recreation in Juneau in Winter

Thursday, November 12, 7 pm

Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School Library


If you use Juneau Trails in Winter, you should attend this presentation by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  Very Informative.

Trapping Season begins November 1 in the Juneau Area

November 1 thru April 30  -- trapping season open for wolf
November 1 thru April 30  -- trapping season open for coyote
November 10 thru February 29  -- trapping season open for wolverine
November 10 thru April 30  -- trapping season open for beaver

December 1 thru February 15  -- trapping season open for river otter, red fox, lynx, marten, mink, weasel, and muskrat


Marten is target species for most trappers in the Juneau area.

For information on trails and areas closed (or partially closed) to trapping, traps, and releasing a dog from a trap - click here

2015 Waterfowl Hunting Season in the Juneau area: 

September 16 though December 31


Keep you and your dog safe after dark:  With long winter nights, the Grateful Dogs Of Juneau reminds dog owners to use reflective clothing and safety lights both on themselves and on their dogs, when walking or jogging with their dogs after dark.  Dogs and pedestrians that are not visible to drivers are a hazard.  


Dog owners should do all that they can to keep themselves and their dogs safe when walking or jogging after dark.  Appropriate safety clothing and lights for you and your dog are readily available at several stores in the community.



Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy on a Hike


Courtesy of Dogster + Seresto

New Posters Available

for download




Click here to download and view additional

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 "Pick Up After Your Dog"  Poster Click Here




Access to the West Side of the Mendenhall Wetlands.  The road to the golf course is not to be used by dog walkers.  Whether the gate is open or not, do not use the trail that goes around the pond. The golf course road is private property and the CBJ has insisted that the owners of the golf course fence their property off.  This mostly has to do with access for emergency vehicles should a plane crash happen, as well as the owner's liability for people on their property.  People will have to park on the east side of that end of Industrial Blvd. (along the white fence that runs along Miller Const. gravel yard).  The CBJ will probably post no parking on the west side.



Clean up after your dog: The Grateful Dogs of Juneau reminds dog owners to pick up after their dogs.  In recent years, dog owners have made great strides in promoting a dog friendly community by cleaning up after their dogs.  If we continue to clean up after our dogs, we can make Juneau an even more attractive place to live and a more dog friendly community.



New PSA Available


Click here to listen.



CBJ Docks and Harbors Board has considered the adoption of a registration requirement for pets (dogs) living aboard boats in the CBJ harbors.  There will be a fee associated with the registration requirement.  The Docks and Harbors Board also considered the adoption of a code of conduct for pet owners in the harbor areas.


The D&H Board took action to adopt the registration requirement, registration fee, and pet owners code of conduct at its March meeting.


For more information on these proposals, visit the GDOJ information page: here.


If you are interested in the topic, contact the CBJ Docks and Harbors Office.

CBJ Docks and Harbors Website



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Important Dates  


January 1 -- Duck/geese hunting season ends.  Open September 16 through December 30.  If you have a noise sensitive dog, you may want to avoid the Mendenhall Wetlands and the Twin Lakes areas.


May 1 -- Rain Forest Trail and parts of Sandy Beach become "on-leash areas" thru September 30.  Check signs in area to see if on-leash rules are in effect.


March 15 -- Summer Regulations take effect for CBJ Parks & Recreation sports fields.  See below.


April 15 -- Basin Road is open to motor vehicle traffic until November 1.   This is a good area to walk your dog.   Watch for cars and wildlife.


November 1 -- Trapping season begins in the Juneau area and continues till April 30.  The trapping seasons for specific furbearer species varies within this time period.  Check Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulations for detailed information. 


November 1 -- Basin Road is closed to motor vehicle traffic until April  15.   This is a good area to walk your dog.     Some years the road ices over and becomes unsafe to walk for people and dogs. 

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Updated November 09, 2015


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